Carmen Shenk

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  • Are you going tiny?
  • Are you preparing to downsize into a tiny house, small apartment, recreational vehicle, or community for seniors?
  • Would you like to live more simply in the home you currently enjoy?
  • Do you dread the task of downsizing?

I understand.  I have lived in a tiny haven-home of 125 sq ft for more than three years and I can tell you from experience that you can do it.  You might even love it!  (I do!)

I’m Carmen Shenk and I’m here to help you navigate the transition to life in a smaller space so that you may enjoy purposeful simplicity in your tiny haven-home.  I’m here to help you:

  • simplify your collection of cooking equipment
  • fit comfortably into a smaller kitchen
  • use less electrical power
  • choose quality rather than quantity
  • (last but not least) shed a privation mentality for a mindset of purposeful simplicity.

My FREE Super-Simple Kitchen Gear List is a great place to start!  It’s the “keys to the kingdom” so to speak!  Join my email list and continue your “Right-Sizing” journey!

Kitchen Simplicity Cover 11202017My brand new book Kitchen Simplicity is now available on Amazon.  The book shares our struggle owning a restaurant of 3,000 square feet and working all hours but never seeing my handsome husband.  I tell how we sold the place and purchased a tiny house of 125 sq ft, and I am honest that the transition was difficult for me.  I had to learn a whole different way of cooking.  This book shares what I learned in that process – it’s partly practical tips for success in simplifying your kitchen – but it’s also philosophical so that you can gain the mindset needed to live simply in a small space.  I am very proud of this little book and look forward to sharing it with you.

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And if you have a few gaps in your collection and realize some items need upgrading, my super helpful kitchen Buyers Guide will help you find the high quality items that are right for you.

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Right Size Your Kitchen Video Series Logo (2)BRAND NEW: The Right-Size Your Kitchen Video Series.

Some things can be written in a book, and for the rest… there’s video!  Practical help going tiny in the kitchen.  Learn more about this exciting new interactive resource here.



I’m an author, speaker, and coach and I look forward to hearing your questions and comments on our Facebook page.